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The Bullet List was a not-so-monthly newsletter compendium of my recommendations of what to read, listen to and watch. Under the watchful eye of my late cat Margo and new cat Izzy, I tend to go through hours of television, podcasts, music, online articles, books and the like every week and I think it's useful to help friends and strangers out with a few recommendations from time to time.

It's also nice that they aren't put together by an algorithm. Not that there's anything wrong with algorithms, but I tend to be a proponent of putting some humans back into the discovery process. 

I've always found lists like this very helpful, so I hope someone finds these helpful. 

I’ve scrapped the newsletter because I don’t think it was working the way I wanted it to.

I now make all of my recommendations on Twitter and Instagram, which I think makes them more immediate, relevant and interactive. So have a look there if you fancy.