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Quoted in The Press

'Beirut' Trailer Was Supposed to Thrill, Instead It Offended by Sopan Deb, January 2018, The New York Times

How 'Beirut' Stereotype Arabs by Marwa Hamad, January 2018, Gulf News

Lebanon protests urged after man picked as first women's affairs minister, December 2016, The Guardian

Streaming Hits Big in The Middle East by Natascha Schellen, June 2016, Exectuive Magazine

Mia Khalifa Is Now PornHub's Biggest Porn Star - But Her Lebanese Compatriots Are Less Than Impressed by Sara Nelson, January 2015, The Huffington Post UK

Meet Mia Khalifa, The Lebanese Porn Star Who Sparked A National Controversy by Taylor Wofford, January 2015, Newsweek

Songs and death threats for Lebanese American porn star Mia Khalifa by Laura Smith-Spark, January 2015, CNN

Lebanon's capital drowning in an ocean of trash by Nour Samaha, July 2015, Al Jazeera

Lebanese Bloggers Defend Olympian Criticized for Racy Photo Shoot, December 2014, The New York Times

Say hello to The Weekly Itch by Matt McFarland, December 2014, The Washington Post

Beyrouth, Chroniques et Detours, April 2014, RFI

Les Nouveaux Enfants De L’Exil by Hala Jalloul, November 2012, The Huffington Post France

This house believes whistleblowers make the world a safer place: Part II, April 2011, NewStatesman

TV Appearances

World Have Your Say: South Africa mine shooting / Is Syria conflict spreading?, August 2012, BBC World

The Stream - Stopping sectarian violence with a selfie?, January 2014, Al Jazeera English

Our Man in Beirut | Nasri Atallah | on Helwe W Murra, September 2011, LBC

Nasri Atallah | Our Man in Beirut Book Launch | Helwe Beirut, November 2011, LBC

Nasri Atallah | Our Man in Beirut | MTV Men El Ekhir, December 2011, MTV


24 Hours in Beirut With Nasri Atallah by Nur Turkmani, January 2014,

10 Questions For Nasri Atallah, NOW Lebanon

Gate37: Nouvelle Maison D’Edition, April 2014, Le Commerce Du Levant

‘Work Harder. Don’t Waste Time. Eat Carrots. Ask Out That Girl’ by Olivia Alabaster, January 2013, The Daily Star

Nasri Atallah: Writer, Publisher, Blogger, Critic Extraordinaire by Sandra Abilama, January 2012, Societe Perrier

Blog Invite: Nasri Atallah, August 2011, L'Agenda Culturel

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