Gate37 started as a publishing house and literary journal I founded in 2014 with Keeward. The idea for the project initially came from a desire to see a publishing house collect the stories of Third Culture Kids. We then widened the scope to stories that deal with identity, multiculturalism and belonging. 

In 2016, we decided to take Gate37's mission and give it new life. We merged the brand's editorial ideas within the much larger Bookwitty project, and refocussed Gate37 on its creative core.

That's where the idea to turn Gate37 into the Artist-in-Residence program for Keeward & Bookwitty came about.  

Through our experiences working with bands like The Wanton Bishops, Lumi, Wake Island and others, and our mentorship of filmmaking collectives like Iron Heyoka, we realized that we have something to learn from artists and that they can learn a lot from being around an environment that takes them out of their day to day. 

We're currently defining what the program will look like exactly as we move forward, but if you're an artist, writer or filmmaker and think you'd benefit from this, please get in touch.