Faber Academy Writing a Novel Anthology

An extract from my upcoming novel Subtle Beasts was published in the Faber Academy anthology, which goes out to literary agents in London and across the UK. 

Published by Faber & Faber in 2018. 


The Monocle Travel Guide to Beirut

I contributed an essay on the role of memory (and the lack thereof) in Beirut's relationship with its past. You can listen to an audio version of that essay that I read for Monocle Radio here

Published by Gestalten in 2018. 

Beirut Re-Collected.png

Beirut Re-Collected

I was honoured to be asked to write the foreword for this Mashallah News anthology of writing on the untold stories of Beirut. 

Published by Tamyras in 2014. 

SHARE This Book

Contributed a story to this book published by Share Foundation, a Serbian nonprofit aiming to fight for the public interest in every critical battle affecting digital rights, in the areas of privacy, free speech, government transparency and efficiency, surveillance and human rights. SHARE Foundationis dedicated to protecting the rights of Internet citizens and promoting positive values of openness, decentralization, free access and exchange of knowledge, information and technology.

Published by SHARE Foundation in 2013.

A Lost Summer: Postcards From Lebanon

Contributed a story for this anthology published by Saqi Books to raise funds for Lebanon in the aftermath of the 2006 war. 

Published by Saqi Books in 2006.