I'm a British-Lebanese author, publisher and media entrepreneur. I've published a best-selling collection of stories, Our Man in Beirut (Turning Point Books). I'm currently working on my second book, which is best left undiscussed until it's done. 

On the entrepreneurial side of things, I'm a partner at Keeward working on our Creative Cluster & Artist-in-Residence programs and I'm Head of Media Partnerships at book-focused cultural discovery platform Bookwitty.

I've contributed writing to a bunch of publications, including GQ, Brownbook, CBC, The Guardian and Time Out. I also get invited as a talking head on TV from time to time, like that one time I was chastized by Amal Alamuddin's mum on the BBC and that one time I had a (verbal) fight with a racist on Al Jazeera. I also occasionally get quoted in 'print' by the likes of The New York Times, The Washington Post, The Independent and others. If you ever need a quote, I'm glad to oblige in the relentless pursuit of shameless self-promotion. 



Essentially all of my work - both creative and entrepreneurial - focuses on multiculturalism & identity, pop culture, the media industry, and storytelling. That might sound pompous, but if you're reading this, you want to know what I care about. And that's what I care about.  

I studied Politics at the American University of Beirut (BA) and International Politics of the Middle East at the School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London (MSc). I have also studied entrepreneurship with Babson College and UCL School of Management (through the UK Lebanon Tech Hub) and Novel Writing at the City Literary Institute in London. 

I live in London's Kentish Town with the wonderful, talented, award-winning Lebanese designer Nour Hage, who happens to be my wife (unluckily for her). We have a beautiful cat called Margo